Image Credit: SpyrosMonster

The loading screens in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst are full of throwaway jokes, but one really caught my eye while playing last night. “If you see a rat the size of a car, you’re playing the wrong game.” Wait, what?

Image Credit: SpyrosMonster

Intrigued, I dropped the phrase “Mirror’s Edge rat” into YouTube, in the hopes of learning...well, anything. It didn’t take long for a bunch of videos to crop up, showing off a strange Mirror’s Edge easter egg I’d missed.

In the original game, players had to perform a specific and unlikely set of actions to trigger the easter egg. Here’s how specific we’re talking:

  1. In chapter eight, when you have to a sniper rile, shoot the truck’s engine from the convoy, causing it to spin out of control
  2. Above the convoy is an ad with circles—shoot the middle circle
  3. Be patient

If things work out correctly, here’s what you’ll see:


Video Credit: Uiostar

Yep, that’s a giant rat. Weird? Weird.