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At Least Mirror's Edge 2 Has Got The Music Right

Illustration for article titled At Least iMirrors Edge 2/i Has Got The Music Right

I’m one of those people who could forgive Mirror’s Edge’s sins. It remains one of my favourite games, one I still play regularly, and a big part of that is down to its soundtrack.


EA made a big blog post today about the composer for the upcoming sequel, which is normally the kind of PR fluff I’d avoid writing about these days, but Mirror’s Edge is a little different.

While Mirror’s Edge was a game about running and sliding, what’s remained iconic about it are two things: its crisp visuals and its electronic soundtrack. The latter was the work of Swedish musician Magnus Birgersson, aka Solar Fields, its marriage of soft beats and high-energy sections the perfect accompaniment to the design of the beautiful (yet rotten) city the game took place in.

A sequel just wouldn’t be the same game without his input, so it’s nice to see today that he’s been back on board for months now working on the soundtrack for Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. Bonus: here’s a preview of some stuff he’s come up with so far:


If you want to hear more of Birgersson’s stuff, this is a good place to start:

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I fucking HATED this game. It's not amazing, it's fucking infuriating to play, and I'm tired of every publication on the internet telling me it was a great game. It sucked. I should have broke the disc in half like I said I would before I realized I could just return it for a better game.