Someone Is Making Mirror's Edge In Dying Light

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Back when Techland first announced mod tools for their zombie-dropkicking parkour game Dying Light, my first thought was, “OK, how long until somebody makes Mirror’s Edge with them?”


Here it is, the moment I ended up waiting longer than I thought I would for. I just stumbled across Elimina’s work-in-progress recreation of Mirror’s Edge’s prologue in Dying Light, and it looks pretty damn spot-on so far. Here’s what they have to say about it:

“This map is an exact 1:1 scale version of the map with every corner and detail almost identical using Dying Light’s resources. So far, this map is made up of 108 screenshots from mirrors edge to get the scale and spacing of objects exactly a it would be in Mirror’s Edge. I only have the map ‘completed’ up to the end of the Interior section, but I plan to add even more detail that is missing, get the buildings that are outside of the map completed, and add sound effects to make it feel like a real city.”

You can download what they’ve finished so far on Dying Light’s Steam Workshop. Unfortunately, Elimina hasn’t had a ton of time to work on maps lately, so it’s tough to say when (or if) the full project will be completed.

In the meantime, though, you can amuse yourself (and your poor, neglected zombie friends, who’ve hardly been dropkicked at all in recent times) by checking out some other nice game recreations in Dying Light. Elimina also put out a version of Assassin’s Creed II’s Monteriggioni. Meanwhile, a modder who goes by the name wojciech.dziuk created an elaborate campaign inspired by Metro 2033.

So you’ve got options. Or you could just play something that’s not Dying Light, I guess.

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Mirror’s Edge was one of those games I didn’t get around to until about two or three years ago, when I first built my gaming PC (with the help of my fantastic brother-in-law).

I’ve upgraded the rig since then, but Mirror’s Edge is one of the few games I’ve consistently refused to uninstall over and over again, despite new acquisitions I’ve been hungry to play.

I was, in short, late to the party—but Mirror’s Edge quickly became my zen (in much the same way that Flower was prior to my gaming PC coming to life); violence is part of the process, sure, but the freedom of running, leaping, and rolling between buildings and areas within buildings is seldom matched.

...I am also a stupidly huge Dying Light fan, though I balked hard at Dead Island. There’s something about being able to parkour in first person—and then deliver a devastating flying drop-kick to a zombie—that sings in the blood, y’know?