​Another Frustrating Beyond Good & Evil 2 Tease

Well, the weather's finally starting to get warm. Flowers are starting to bloom. Cherry blossoms are exploding from tree branches. Must be time for another heart-breaking glimpse of the long-brewing follow-up to Beyond Good & Evil. » 4/14/14 6:30pm Monday 6:30pm

Rayman Legends: The Kotaku Review

The mark of a better video game, for me, is that it lingers in my mind. I think about it after I'm done playing with it. It adds something enriching to my life, to my mental catalogue of experiences. The bad games don't stick with me. I mostly forget them. I don't think about them. It's curious then, that just two days … » 9/03/13 5:00pm 9/03/13 5:00pm

Rayman Legends' Online Challenge Mode will be Released Free on Wii U in …

Acknowledging the profound disappointment at the delay of Rayman Legends release on the Wii U—a holdup that seems to have no other reason than to wait for the Xbox 360 and PS3 editions to launch this fall—Ubisoft Montréal has decided to release the game's Online Challenges mode early, for free, to all Wii U users. The… » 2/19/13 8:13am 2/19/13 8:13am

Rayman Legends Lead Designer Poses With People Protesting the Game's…

Rayman Legends—hotly anticipated as one of the best third-party games coming to the Wii U—was supposed to hit the Nintendo console in two weeks. But, Ubisoft announced a six-month delay for the game last week so that work can be done on porting it to the Xbox 360 and PS3—and Wii U owners have been up in arms ever… » 2/12/13 10:20am 2/12/13 10:20am

Finally, A Good Look at Beyond Good & Evil 2’s Detailed, Dirty…

It's been a virtual flood of leaks and glimpses this week for Beyond Good & Evil 2. There've been comments about tech requirements and a screenshot of the sequel's gameworld. Now, a video flythrough of the environmental design has popped up. » 5/11/12 11:00am 5/11/12 11:00am

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Probably Will Have to Wait for the Next Generation …

I speak a little bit of French. Just enough, in fact, to get the gist of what Rayman creator Michel Ancel is saying in this interview. The Ubisoft developer confirms work continues on the long-awaited sequel to cult favorite Beyond Good & Evil, but also says that it'll need better tech than is currently available. » 5/07/12 11:00am 5/07/12 11:00am

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Being Made By 'Small Team' To Preserve Its 'Soul'

When an in-development game like Beyond Good & Evil 2 goes quiet, even for just a few months, any word that it's still alive is comforting. Especially when we get status updates like the one game designer Michel Ancel provided. » 6/26/10 12:00am 6/26/10 12:00am

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Is For PS3, 360

We first posted the news of a sequel to Beyond Good & Evil being in pre-production last night. Since then, though, we've been able to take a good look at the original source of the news, an interview in French magazine JeuxVideo, and glean a few more bits of info from it. Firstly, the interview wasn't just with Michel… » 5/15/08 11:00pm 5/15/08 11:00pm