When Michel Ancel isnā€™t teasing fans with concept art for a Beyond Good & Evil sequel that was announced eight years ago, heā€™s apparently searching for a long lost build of Rayman for the SNES. His efforts seem to have paid off earlier today when he discovered an EPROM (erasable programmable read-only memory) of the ancient, never released game.

The creator of Rayman uploaded images to Instagram showing both the ROM inserted into an SNES and a screenshot from the game. This came several days after Ancel posted an image mourning the lost build of the game, saying ā€œAll these pixels are lost, like tears in the rain.ā€

Itā€™s unclear where Ancel discovered this gaming artifact, or what he plans to do with it, but he didnā€™t hide his excitement at finding a work of love and passion he thought heā€™d lost forever.


The first Rayman was released on the PlayStation and Jaguar in 1995, but was apparently originally intended to come out on the SNES. According to Unseen64,

ā€œThe game featured a 2 players coop mode and different graphics. It seems that Ubisoft decided to move the project to the new CD-Rom consoles and they hired animators from a cartoon company which has considerably improved the graphics.ā€


Screenshots from the SNES game that originally appeared in a French magazine, via Unseen64

The last game in the series was Rayman Adventures, a mobile game released for iOS and Android. Itā€™s unclear at this point whatā€™s next for the French platforming icon.