Peter Moore Jumps The NPD Gun, Calls Madden 09 Sales

The NPD figures for the month aren't out yet. We don't know 'em. Think that'll stop EA Sports boss Peter Moore from calling the results? It won't stop Peter Moore from calling squat »9/10/08 12:30am9/10/08 12:30am. He's disclosed EA's own internal estimates for the game, and since we're on a , we're going to roll with these ones too. Mainly because,…

Spite Bowl and Taco Bell: Ruminations on a More Social Madden

It's odd to talk about EA Sports' Madden »8/14/08 1:00pm8/14/08 1:00pm franchise, with the features it's touting in the 09 release, now making itself more of a social gaming experience. For the better part of two decades it's been one of the top titles to play with friends, offline or, lately, online. But the pattern of features that were added,…

It's Madden Day Everyone! Time for a New Madden 09 Launch Trailer

And you thought I had forgotten. That's right ladies and gents - today is August 12th - and that means a new Madden 09 launch trailer. I hope you grabbed the chips and salsa because in this trailer we get a look at some of the gameplay you can expect if you head over to your local retailer and pick up a copy. »8/12/08 4:00pm8/12/08 4:00pm