The NPD figures for the month aren't out yet. We don't know 'em. Think that'll stop EA Sports boss Peter Moore from calling the results? It won't stop Peter Moore from calling squat. He's disclosed EA's own internal estimates for the game, and since we're on a bit of a roll with internal EA estimates, we're going to roll with these ones too. Mainly because, in all probability, they've already got hold of the actual figures. But also because of this quote from Moore: "In the month of August we may be bigger than a certain Eastern European gangster". He's basing that off "estimates" that the game's done $133.5 million in sales, which is not only a 6% increase over Madden 08, but for those who like to think games revenue and movie revenue are somehow comparable is more than Tropic Thunder, Mamma Mia! and Pineapple Express did for the month at the box office. Interview: EA Sports' Moore Calls $133.5 Million Month For Madden 'Vindication' [Gamasutra]