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Alright, if you bought Madden '09 for Xbox 360 and want to participate in the new Online League feature with me and your fellow Kotaku-ites, here's your chance. I've set up a 32-team league on Xbox Live, and I'm taking one of the slots, plus we have three others I've invited to the league on board too. That means there are 28 first-come first-served slots available. The password for getting membership into the league is on the jump, followed by some house rules.The password is dsmvwld. Bear in mind I've never played an online league on Madden - none of us have - so I don't know exactly how to administrate one and I can't guess at the typical problems that will come up. But I selected the maximum available schedule (11 games) and enabled trades and random weather, but whatever team you have, you're getting its roster. We're not doing a draft. Second, about the schedule, we can play the games in any order we want. So if one opponent isn't available at a good time, perhaps another one is. Sometimes people have to go out of town. But there's no excuse to have a pile of incomplete games on your schedule, in other words. And while I'll contact slackers to figure out what's going on, I do reserve the right to force sim unplayed games. We can all avoid this by playing our entire schedules. I'll post updates on the league's progression (such that it is linear) in the Weekend Note I do on Sundays. As always, keep the focus here on fun. I really don't want to referee any disputes - again, not sure exactly which ones will arise. Trades are enabled and I'm going to keep an eye peeled for obvious collusion, but here's a simple request: Don't do it. I set the skill level to pro difficulty, which should be easy enough for everyone involved. If you get in, send a message to my gamertag, or to me at owenATkotakuDOTcom. Thanks for joining up, and let's have some fun.


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