Click to view No, not in THAT WAY. Pwn or Die (the Funny or Die network's venture into gaming) talked to everybody's favorite Cybergirl Gamer. She's insistent that Madden 09 widows/girlfriends will be able to play the game with their significant others and have just as much fun. In fact, Jo's gonna grab it, and she never thought she'd enjoy a sports title. But the training mode and the dual-difficulty levels for cooperative play sold her. And for you pervs, there's nothing provocative in this, unless you count the glimpses of the covers of Playboy in the background. Oh yeah, you know you're looking. I call that the 7-Eleven Eyeball, the scanning "Where is that thing I need" look on your face while you check out the covers of the girlie magazines. Actually, I use that when I'm at the grocery store and looking at Glamour. And Cosmo. And Woman's World. Dude, the cake on last month's cover was unreal. Where was I anyway ... Jo Garcia Talks Madden 09 [Pwn or Die]

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