Let's find out! Das Gamer was in attendance at Madden 09's launch party the other night, and seems about the only interesting thing that went down was a mass confession from some of the game's previous cover stars, spilling on their more eccentric Madden betting habits. Daunte Culpepper, Madden 2002's cover star while with the Vikings, "won and lost a few mortgage payments on a game of Madden". Exorbitant, yeah, but some of the other guys were a little more creative. Marshall Faulk (Madden 03) had to let somebody else drive his Bentley for a month. And Ray Lewis (Madden 05) used to play Madden for on-demand push-ups, which he'd then hold in reserve, and cash in while he and his teammates were out at restaurants, etc. Ah, must be tough, these lifestyles of the athletic and mega-rich, eh?

Madden Cover Stars Reveal Their Madden Betting Habits, Deny Curse At EA Event [Das Gamers]