Brett Farve? No EA, It's Brett Favre

"Brett" is easy to spell. B-r-e-t-t. "Favre", not so easily. But to review: F-a-v-r-e-. Not "Farve". If you're a football fan, you should know that. And if you're EA, you damn well should know that — especially because he's the coverboy! Reader Devon points out that Brett Favre's name is mispelled in the collector's edition menu in Madden 09. That's a pic of it right up there. Well, at least EA didn't put "Brett Favor." Thanks, Devon for the tip!


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Well, technically that's not how his name SHOULD be pronounced. The sad thing is that Madden, that drunken moron, started calling him "Farve" like 10+ years ago and the name stuck so effectively that even Brett himself doesn't care to challenge it.

The name is definitely NOT pronounced "Farve". That's like calling sherbet "sherbert" or nuclear "nukular". Yeah, people say it, but it doesn't make it right. =/