The Hidden Origins of Two Warlords of Draenor Followers

Yulon on Tumblr found a really nice easter egg in Warlords of Draenor. The first followers—NPCs we can send out on missions for some extra loot—we can hire for our Garrisons both on the Alliance and the Horde side actually match characters from World of Wacraft's very first cinematic trailer that came out a decade ago. » 12/17/14 9:40am Today 9:40am

How To Get The Best Followers For Your World of Warcraft Garrison

If you survived the lag you've probably already obtained your garrison and a few followers —special NPC buddies you can send on various missions. Rares or a few epics, but most likely not the best ones. BellularGaming is here to help with a complete guide on current followers and how to find them on Draenor. » 11/14/14 9:00am 11/14/14 9:00am

It Only Takes An Entire Server To Kill This Level 103 WoW Boss

The "Darkmoon Faire," a classic week-long event in World of Warcraft, started yesterday with daily quests to do, exotic vendors to visit, mini-games to play and a level 103 world boss to kill. That might be tough with the current level cap of 90, but it's not impossible. All you need is a lot of people. » 11/03/14 9:20am 11/03/14 9:20am