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The Week In Games: Monster Hunters On Ice

Illustration for article titled The Week In Games: iMonster Hunters/i On Ice

After last week, this week seems like a flood of new games. Not too many big games, but the Monster Hunter: World expansion Iceborne is finally hitting PC this week. So if you are a Monster Hunter fan who plays on PC, get a winter coat and get ready.


I already did a Week In Games post about Iceborne when it first came out, so I had to find a new ice/snow related title for this post. I first had a title referencing “Ice To Meet You!” but it didn’t feel right. Later I tried “Ice, ice, baby...”, but that didn’t work for me either. Eventually, I settled on Monster Hunters On Ice, which is a reference to Reptar On Ice. (Because he is a monster..on ice...get it?)

Beyond Iceborne there aren’t a lot of big games, but some smaller games coming out mostly on PC and Switch. The full list is below:

Monday, Jan. 6

  • Ultimate Racing 2D | Switch
  • Blackmoor 2 | Switch
  • Invisible Fist | Switch
  • Wienne | PC
  • Araha: Curse Of Yieun Island | PC
  • Chameleon | PC
  • Dumb Fight | PC
  • Hero Mini Maker | PC

Tuesday, Jan. 7

  • Cursed Caves | PC
  • Chico | PC
  • AVABEL Online | PC

Wednesday, Jan. 8

  • IN-VERT | Xbox One
  • Regions of Ruin | Xbox One
  • Dragon Sinker: Descendants of Legend | Xbox One
  • Animal Friends | Xbox One
  • Refuge | PC
  • Talshard | PC

Friday, Jan. 9

  • AO Tennis | PC
  • Monster Hunter: Iceborne | PC
  • 140 | Switch
  • Cooking Tycoons - 3 in 1 Bundle | Switch
  • THOTH | Switch
  • Pieces Of Me: Northbound | PC
  • The White Door | PC, Mac
  • Mythic Ocean | PC
  • Nuclear Arms Race | PC
  • Pinball Universe | PC
  • Flirt Balls | PC, Mac

Saturday, Jan. 10

  • Craftica | PC, Mac
  • Aborigenus | Switch
  • Technosphere | Switch
  • Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters | Switch
  • Orbitblazers | PC
  • Coffee Break | PC
  • The Blind Prophet | PC
  • Dusk Warlocks | PC

Sunday, Jan 11

  • Angry Food | PC
  • ACCEL-X | PC

Kotaku Weekend Editor | Zack Zwiezen is a writer living in Kansas. He has written for GameCritics, USgamer, Kill Screen & Entertainment Fuse.

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Hyperbolic Idiot Chamber

Real timely to release nuclear arms race this week.