I Really Wish Warehouse Simulator Was More Exciting

Look, we all have our weird dorky fascinations, right? Well I actually wanted to pick up Warehouse And Logistics Simulator, because that's one of mine. Well, it seems like it'll be a bit longer until I get into the simulator genre. » 2/27/14 12:16pm 2/27/14 12:16pm

How Do You Keep Exiled Settlers Alive Through The Winter?

Leo has already taken us through the emotional journey of trying to start a new civilization with just a handful of exiled settlers. Northernlion gives us a slightly more... practical look at how to start a settlement in Banished. » 2/25/14 12:34pm 2/25/14 12:34pm

YouTube's Copyright Crackdown: Everything You Need To Know

We're in the second week of a YouTube copyright enforcement crackdown whose most visible effects have been on the video gaming community. Each day turns up a new example of a video getting thrown in YouTube jail on a ridiculous technicality. The situation seems to defy common sense, but we'll try to explain it in… » 12/18/13 5:00pm 12/18/13 5:00pm

YouTube Channels Crippled By Copyright Claims

Numerous video game-related YouTube personalities have spent the last day digging through piles of copyright claims suddenly filling their inboxes, claims that they say are messing with their ability to produce and profit from videos they post online. » 12/10/13 8:00pm 12/10/13 8:00pm