Let’s Play Shadowrun: Hong Kong… on a Podcast

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On the new episode of my podcast, Shall We Play a Game?, my co-host JJ Sutherland narrates a partial playthrough of Shadowrun: Hong Kong, the new game in a series of turn-based, cyberpunk-and-magic tactical RPGs from Harebrained Schemes.

An audio Let’s Play? Of a game without spoken dialogue? It’s an experiment! What’s the point of having a podcast if you can’t try new things?

You can listen to the podcast here.

The audio Let’s Play starts a little after the 13:00 mark, after JJ and I finish talking about what it’s like when Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is your first Metal Gear Solid game.

Illustration for article titled Let’s Play iShadowrun: Hong Kong/i… on a Podcast

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I still need to finish it but from what I have played have absolutely loved ShadowRun:Hong Kong, especially with the changes the made to the decking mechanic.

Now when you deck it is not entirely turned base. Instead you go through the grid in real time and have to avoid the IRCs that are patrolling the area and some areas are harder than others.

This time if you get detected by an IRC then you go into the turn based combat. This time they also added an overall system detection level and when you get detected by an IRC that level goes up a certain number and if you reach that max number the entire system goes on high alert making combat tougher. It still does not quite feel exactly like the decking in the Sega Genesis version of ShadowRun but it is a step in the right direction.

Hairbrained schemes has done a good job of improving ShadowRun with each new game.

Also for you Felicia Day fans she has her own runner with her picture that you can hire to go on missions with you, since she actually did whatever Kickstarter level that allows you to have your own in game runner for ShadowRun:Hong Kong.