I Never Knew About The Amazing Throwback Mission In Ground Zeroes

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is an interesting experience, but I can’t say that I’ve thought much about it since the release of The Phantom Pain back in 2015. Now a let’s play series has got me appreciating an excellent mission that I missed before.

Chip and Ironicus are some of my favorite let’s play creators, and I have been devouring their in-progress exhaustive and extensive playthrough of the complete Metal Gear Solid V experience over the past few weeks. What’s really got me excited, though, is that their playthrough of the game has opened my mind to “Déjà Vu,” one of the coolest missions in the entire Metal Gear Solid V suite.


After you collect all of the X.O.F. patches in Ground Zeroes, you unlock the “Déjà Vu” mission, in which you go around recreating events from the original Metal Gear Solid. The whole idea is throwback nostalgia, and I am here for it.

“Déjà Vu” does an interesting job of bridging the gap between the design goals of the original Metal Gear Solid and the more open world, simulation-y gameplay of MGSV. In that original game, we were running around as Solid Snake doing some Action Hero stuff and generally being a major thorn in the side of the terrorists who had taken over the military facility at Shadow Moses. In the pseudo-recreation, we are looking for contexts that we could shoot, grenade, or fight our way into so that we can, in the end, recreate those big, epic moments.

It’s a subtle shift, but it really does do a lot of work to demonstrate the major differences between those previous Metal Gear Solid games and MGSV. The team at Konami was responsible for creating big, epic events for you to play through in those previous games; in MGSV, it is up to you to create the bombast.

Even better, completing it one time allows you to really embrace the throwback.

Maybe you missed that original mission like I did, and if so, it’s worth watching Chip and Ironicus’s video to see all of the easter eggs and weird stuff that they managed to jam into the mission.

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I honestly enjoyed Ground Zeroes better than Phantom Pain. Yes, it’s basically a glorified demo, and Phantom Pain has so much more gameplay going on, but for me Ground Zeroes was a tighter, better paced experience that actually felt like a classic MGS game.