Further proof that Let’s Play stars can go mainstream, even in Japan.

Game Impress Watch reports that Watanabe Entertainment, one of Japan’s biggest talent agencies, is teaming up with Dwango, the company that owns NicoNico, to set up a new talent that specializes in Let’s Play streamers called “Watanabe Amaduction.”

“Amaduction” is a combination of “amateur” and “production.”

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Watanabe Entertainment represents some of Japan’s biggest stars and hopes to use its showbiz know how to bring Let’s Play streamers to mainstream audiences. How? By getting them gigs on traditional media like television and radio as well as at promotional events.

[Image via Lightrend]

Let’s Play is all rather new to the Japanese TV media, but late last year, NicoNico streamers Good Adults (いい大人達 or Ii Otonadachi) were featured on mainstream television (pictured). They have a following online, but they haven’t yet hit it big with traditional audiences.

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There aren’t Let’s Play celebs in Japan that have reached the stature of PewDiePie, and I don’t think it’s realistic to think that the Japanese entertainment industry can replicate that sort of success. But they can damn well try.

Top image: Good Adults

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