Watch This Relaxing And Informative Let's Play Of Jurassic Park Trespasser

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Jurassic Park Trespasser isn’t a very good game, but it is a perfect game for a let’s play. Shadefyre’s excellent 10 part series is one of the best let’s play of Trespasser and one of my favorite let’s play on all of YouTube. Shadefyre has a very relaxing and calming voice. All of his Trespasser videos are filled with quiet moments where he lets game take the stage. But the best part of this series is all the information sprinkled throughout the video.

Episode one of Shadefyre’s Trespasser let’s play

A great example can be found in episode 1. After killing a dangerous dino, Shadefyre plays with the body and a nearby tree to show off the game’s advanced sound randomizer technology. It’s just one of many bits of advanced tech that exists in Trespasser. And Shadefyre does a great job in each episode of detailing how these parts of Trespasser work, why they were added and why they so often break.


He recently did a bonus episode about the Trespasser demo and how it differs from the main game.

This is the perfect lets play to watch on a lazy Sunday. Grab something to drink or eat, sit back and let Shadefyre walk your through a strange game. A game that assigns jumping to the Q button on a keyboard.

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Until yesterday I was watching something similar by a guy who clearly knows all about the books and movies and is very informative too!