JurassicJunkie is jumpscared by his daughter while he’s streaming Outlast 2.

Within a few days, footage of streamer JurassicJunkieLive screaming in terror as his toddler daughter, Jessica, pops up behind him has become the most viewed clip on Twitch of all time.

Jurassic was playing Outlast 2 when the now-famous moment was recorded. He had just finished the part of the game where Marta, the lady who dismembers people with her pickaxe, murders the person that hides the protagonist, Blake Langermann, beneath his house.


20 seconds into the clip, you can hear the soft babbling of his 2 year old daughter, who had just entered the office to give him a can of Jack Daniels that his partner bought for him. Because he was wearing headphones, he didn’t hear her enter the room.

The hilarious clip has gotten over 1.5 million views on the popular streaming site, causing the streamer’s follower count to climb from 100 to over 3,000.

JurassicJunkieLive wrote on Reddit that he doesn’t play many scary games, but after learning how much his followers love his reactions, he started to do “Frightday” Fridays, where he plays scary games.

“Are you ok?” Jurassic laughs as he pulls his daughter in for an apologetic hug.

If you check out the original stream, you can see what unfolds after the viral clip. Laughing, Jurassic lifted his daughter into his arms and planted a kiss on her forehead.


“Please tell me someone’s clipped that,” he said to his followers. He kissed his daughter again. “I can’t believe you didn’t scream back.”

Jessica truly seemed unphased by the whole ordeal, and played with the microphone while she sat in her father’s lap. Unfortunately, the adorable little girl couldn’t join her father’s stream, as she had to go to bed.

Jessica says, “Pumpkin!” to her dad’s followers as she plays with the microphone.

Jurassic said on Reddit that he reacted to several jumpscares while he was playing Outlast 2, but the one with his daughter was “perfect.”


While Twitch couldn’t share the second and third-most watched clips of all time, a spokesperson for the livestreaming service noted that in this particular month, other top clips included a young woman smacking into a street pole face-first with almost 650,000 views, and of a last minute victory during a Counter Strike: Global Offensive competition with over 480,000 views.

(Update 11:01 am July 26 — according to a Twitch spokesperson, two of Twitch’s most watched clips of all time include the video of the young woman smacking into the street pole mentioned above, and of a young boy shooting another player in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.)

Chloe Spencer is the summer intern for Kotaku and recently graduated from the University of Oregon. She enjoys reading graphic novels and playing video games.

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