Where The World's Best Fighting Game Characters Come From

Thanks to a tradition that goes back as far as Street Fighter II, fighting game stories are usually presented as world tournaments. It's a convenient narrative device, as it allows the opportunity to display fighting styles from around the world to distinguish characters from one another. But which of these countries… »8/27/14 4:45pm8/27/14 4:45pm

Your Guide To Evo 2014, The Year's Biggest Fighting Game Tournament

We're coming up on Evo, the biggest fighting game tournament in America. It will run Friday to Sunday from Las Vegas and be streamed online for the world to see. It'll be the biggest Evo yet. But maybe you aren't prepared—there are eight completely different games at this one event, after all, and what makes them… »7/10/14 5:00pm7/10/14 5:00pm

It’ll Be Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter x Tekken vs. King of Fighters XIII (and More) for EVO 2012’s Tournament Season

Fighting games thrive on competition. And trash talk. Especially trash talk. For fans of video game brawling, the biggest—yet most respectful—competition is the annual EVO series, which brings fight-stick masters from around the world to fireball their way to ultimate supremacy. »1/04/12 10:30pm1/04/12 10:30pm