In China, Some Kids Held a French Fry Eating Battle to Relieve Stress

Potato parties, which started in Japan and spread to South Korea, are definitely a thing. Groups of young people order large amounts of french fries and eat them. And bam, you have a potato party! Kids in China just turned these parties into a game. A player versus player, potato-eating battle, if you will. » 3/12/13 7:30am 3/12/13 7:30am

Soon, You Can Eat Kentucky Fried Chicken on Japan Airlines

Airplane food sucks, especially in coach. Even when it's good, it's so bad. No wonder Japanese air carrier JAL is looking beyond traditional sky meals. JAL wants its meals to be finger lickin' good. Literally.

From December to next February, JAL is collaborating with KFC for what it's calling "AIR Kentucky Fried… » 11/29/12 4:00am 11/29/12 4:00am

Backbreaker's Officially Bigtime Now — It's Sold Out To KFC

A day after releasing news of its behemoth patch on Xbox 360, the folks who make Backbreaker say its free iPhone version has picked up a Kentucky Fried Chicken sponsorship. Runners will now celebrate with, what else, the Chicken Dance. » 8/03/10 6:30pm 8/03/10 6:30pm

EA Closes Out Double Down Challenge By Raising $1,000

Enough. I am officially declaring this Double Down-eating developer competition over. Electronic Arts may not have really set the land-speed record for consuming Kentucky Fried lard, but it did raise $1,000 for - wait for it - cancer research. » 5/18/10 10:30pm 5/18/10 10:30pm

Apparently We're the Refs of the Game Testers' Speed Eating League

This Sunday I facetiously suggested that an Activision game tester had claimed the world record fastest time for eating a horrible meat sandwich called the Double Down. Disney Interactive Studios wants it known they have just obliterated the mark. » 5/06/10 10:30pm 5/06/10 10:30pm

Guitar Hero: World Tour KFC Fully Loaded Box Meal Unboxing, Impressions

When word broke that the KFC-Activision partnership had resulted in more than just Guitar Hero World Tour in-game advertising, with a Guitar Hero branded "Fully Loaded Box Meal" hitting the fast food chain, we decided to strap on the feedbag and test it out for ourselves. » 10/28/08 8:00pm 10/28/08 8:00pm