Microsoft Says Xbox 360 Can "Handle" Metal Gear Solid 4

In the wake of Konami telling »10/16/08 7:30am10/16/08 7:30am a Japanese investor site that it was "looking into" an Xbox 360 version of , Microsoft is now quoted as saying that the Xbox 360 can "handle" . With now multi-plat, that argument seems like it could very well hold water. According to John Schappert, the firm's corporate vice-president of…

How Soon Until Microsoft Start Charging For Avatar Customisaton?

When the 360's new dash is launched, it'll cost you nothing to build an avatar. It'll cost you nothing to customise it, either, so if you throw on the wrong coloured pair of slacks, relax! Just change them over, no questions asked. But what about the future? VentureBeat asked Microsoft's John Schappert whether… »8/01/08 8:00am8/01/08 8:00am