EA: "Something Far-Reaching Coming From Mass Effect" In 2011

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Developer BioWare has a busy 2011 ahead of them, with a new Dragon Age title, Star Wars: The Old Republic and, according to EA execs "something far-reaching coming from Mass Effect" in early 2011.


Electronic Arts COO John Schappert added that "something far-reaching" from the Mass Effect franchise to the list of upcoming titles due in the fourth quarter of the company's 2011 fiscal year. That means something Mass Effect related arriving between January 1 and March 31 of next calendar year.

Could BioWare have Mass Effect 3 wrapped up by then? The developer's project manager Casey Hudson noted that they "definitely want to make 'Mass Effect 3' a fairly short turnaround." And, well, that would be fairly short.


BioWare could also have much more planned for owners of the recently released Mass Effect 2 or maybe even something for PlayStation 3 owners hungry for some Mass Effect. Whatever Mass Effect "something" EA has penciled in for next year, it won't be the end for the franchise.

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I think it will be news on a

Mass Effect MMO.