Xbox 360: Official Console of 2008 Recession

With daily free falls in most of the international stock markets, a recession isn't just a scary word, it's seemingly unavoidable. During a chat with Microsoft vice president John Schappert yesterday I asked him if he thought that the Xbox 360 with its emphasis on high-definition gaming was a "recession proof" console. While no longer the cheapest gaming console, the Wii is still seemingly more family friendly, more attractive to non-gamers and maybe, I believe, more interesting to new-comers to this form of entertainment who haven't yet bought a high definition television. Schappert, though not a big fan of the recession proof concept, still thinks that the 360 will be the console of choice for those looking for a way to forget their troubles through gaming."I don't know about the whole recession proof moniker," he said. "I'm not going to subscribe to that myself. I've heard others bandy that about. "I think what the world and the U.S. Is going through now is certainly unprecedented and it's startling and it effects all of us. And it's certainly worrisome. That being said. I think when people are walking in and they want to buy a game platform and they're interested in entertainment, you know gaming is the largest form of entertainment, I think we are pretty fortunate to have the lowest priced, best value, next-gen machine on the market."


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