EA Cuts Loose Bottom Third Of Its Game Lineup

Illustration for article titled EA Cuts Loose Bottom Third Of Its Game Lineup

During a conference call regarding the company's 2nd quarter financial results, EA's John Schappert revealed that more than a dozen unannounced EA titles had been cut from production as part of its cost reduction plan.


Schappert called the move a "targeted cost reduction which will allow a greater investment in our hit titles and digital businesses." The reduction in titles, which Schappert later revealed to number more than a dozen, goes hand in hand with the closing of facilities and layoffs as part of the company's restructuring plan.

Schappert could not comment on which titles were cut, citing the difficulties inherit in announcing the cancellation of titles they had never announced in the first place. He mentioned reoccurring yearly titles, The Sims, and Hasbro titles as being the company's best-sellers, going on to say that anything that looks like it wouldn't measure up to the profitability of those titles had been cut.

"In a way, if you could array our title slate up...we've cut the bottom third of it."


Interesting. I just bought a clearance copy of Dead Space. Coincidence? I think not! #ea