The Chinese Gaming Console with the Jackie Chan Seal of Approval

Chinese super star Jackie Chan, singer, dancer, and all around movie star, has endorsed loads of products in his lifetime, and will probably endorse many more to come. Recently in China, Chinese netizens have been going over some of Chan’s earlier product endorsements, including one that should’ve been banned. » 11/04/13 6:00am 11/04/13 6:00am

Jackie Chan Is in Trouble for Claims Over Guns and Grenades (Grenades?)

Hong Kong police are investigating Jackie Chan for saying his life is like something out of, dare I say, an action flick. While speaking with Guangzhou-based magazine Southern People Weekly » 12/19/12 7:30am 12/19/12 7:30am, Chan recalled how he did something most Hong Kong actors were afraid to: stand up to gangsters by carrying guns and grenades.

Taito's Love Affair With Old Jackie Chan Movies

What kind of developers have the peanuts to rip off Jackie Chan not once, but twice, at the same time? Taito have the peanuts, that's who.

This image is from Silent Dragon, a side-scroller Taito released in 1992. The blue dude on the left may look familiar to anyone who's seen Jackie Chan's awesome Big Brawl, because… » 8/07/12 1:00am 8/07/12 1:00am