People on the internet keep saying that Jackie Chan is dead. He’s very much alive, and I wish they’d knock it off.

Recently, a rumor has been floating around Chinese-language bulletin boards that the English-language press was reporting Chan had died in a car accident in Queensland, Australia.


This same Queensland car accident hoax apparently first appeared in 2013. Chan, of course, is alive, and here is a recent photo:

[Image: Deccan Chronicle]

However, according to Record China (via Livedoor News), the rumor made a big enough impact for his spokesperson to state, “News like this is frequent. Up until now, it’s like, how many times has he died and come back to life?”


As Chan’s staff note, this isn’t the first time that Chan has been victim of such a hoax.

In 2013, after another rumor circulated online that Chan was dead, he even posed with a newspaper to prove that he was among the living.

[Photo: Jackie Chan | Facebook]

Chan’s spokesperson was quoted as saying, “He’s still alive and well, stop believing what you see on the internet.”

NDTV Movies reports that there was another hoax in 2011 that said Chan died from a heart attack after a Facebook page dubbed “Jackie Chan R.I.P 08/17/2011" went viral.

[Image via NDTV Movies]

At that time, website City of Fire reported that Chan’s staff issued the following statement: “Jackie Chan is alive and well. He did not a suffer heart attack and die, as what was reported in many social networking sites and in online news reports. Jackie is fine and is busy preparing for the filming of his next movie.”


After all the times Chan has put his life on the line for moviegoers, it’s not the dangerous stunts that are trying to knock off Chan, but jerks online.

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