Former CEO Of Struggling Atari Got One Hell Of A Golden Parachute

Atari's fiscal 2008 annual report shows just how dire the publisher's situation has become over the years. Beginning late in 2005, the company began a gradual and aggressive scale-back of its development activities, and by the end of 2007, it had sold away all of its development studios. The company now reveals that… »7/02/08 12:00pm7/02/08 12:00pm

Phil Harrison "Would Hope" PS3 Alone In The Dark Gets Trophies

Before his new gig at Atari/Infogrames, Phil Harrison did tons of cheerleading for Home during his tenure at Sony. But Home keeps getting pushed back, causing PS3 owners to wonder if and when PS3 games will get Achievement-like trophies for Home. Since the PS3 version of Atari's Alone in the Dark isn't out until this… »5/29/08 4:00am5/29/08 4:00am