Cryptic Studios To Rehash Old Atari IP In "A Series Of New Games"

Illustration for article titled Cryptic Studios To Rehash Old Atari IP In A Series Of New Games

When City of Heroes developers Cryptic were bought by Atari last year, it was said they'd be working on a single, secret game due in 2011. Now it turns out they're working on several games.

Atari's yearly fiscal report has revealed that Cryptic "is working on the development of a series of new games based on Atari's existing and historically successful IPs". Existing and historically successful, hey?


Looks like my dreams of an ET MMO - based on the events of the game's mass grave, not the motion picture - might be about to come true.

That or they mean stuff like Alone in the Dark.

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Gantz: Your Trusted Friend in Science.

Super Pong? Extreme Pong? Mega Pong? Ultimate Pong?

Oh wait multiple iterations?

Pong Hero.