Remember when Infogrames/Atari exec Phil Harrison said the company wouldn't be making another big-budge single player game? Sure ya do! Here, Harrison explains a bit better at what he was getting at: "I think the single-player, disconnected console game is probably in its dotage. Now, that doesn't mean that those games aren't relevant going forwards, but they will be enhanced by community features being embedded in them, or downloadable content becoming an inherent part of the experience, or some kind of user-generated content will be part of the experience. All of the things we see in other games, the things that we can point to in compelling games." Fair enough! Speaking of single player, has Phil Harrison made an easy transition to Infogrames from Sony? Says Harrison:

I've been here two months now and I'm making a whole new group of friends. It's like changing schools when you're a kid.


Sounds like he's not eating lunch alone in the company cafeteria. That'd be sad.

Interview: Phil Harrison on Alone in the Dark and life after Sony [videogaming247]

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