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How Did Infogrames Atari Do Last Year?

Illustration for article titled How Did Infogrames Atari Do Last Year?

According to the company's fiscal results for the financial year ending March 31, Infogrames posted net losses to the tune of €226.1 million.


During the previous fiscal year, the company only posted losses €51.1. However, the good news is that consolidated revenues were up 51 percent to €136.4 million in a sluggish global economy. US revenue growth was up 82.3 percent.

Infogrames attributed these losses to "discontinued operations due to the exit of its distribution business in Europe and Asia." Instead, the company is focusing on a few selected big titles as well as migrating Infogrames online.

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Your misspelling of Infogrames got me totally confused on how to say the company name, because even the CORRECT spelling looks like someone misspelled "Infogames".

Now you've got my mind saying "Infrogorfamaessrrrfrf" all over the place in a slurr of pirate-style r's.

Hmm...what was the last good Infrorrgmramess game anyway?