Phil Harrison "Would Hope" PS3 Alone In The Dark Gets Trophies

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Before his new gig at Atari/Infogrames, Phil Harrison did tons of cheerleading for Home during his tenure at Sony. But Home keeps getting pushed back, causing PS3 owners to wonder if and when PS3 games will get Achievement-like trophies for Home. Since the PS3 version of Atari's Alone in the Dark isn't out until this fall, it is possible for the game to have trophies? Let's ask new Atari/Infogrames exec Phil Harrison:

If the libraries are available, then yeah, I would hope that the PS3 version can take advantage of that.


"Would hope"? Heck Phil, everyone would hope that.

Harrison Unsure [Multiplayer]

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Trophies are a great idea. Recently, I was playing through Shadow of the Colossus again and I maxed out my grip meter and set off to reach the top of the Temple to find the Secret Garden. I've never tried this before because Wander could only always get up half way and then I found out you have to eat white lizard tails to up his grip meter. So anyhoo, when I got to the garden I found absolutely fugall (except poisoned apples!). Which was disappointing, to say the least.

Moral of the story? If Sony had put a trophy up there, I could have worked for something that would no doubt impress on-lookers in my HOME trophy room for years to come.

@CreamSodaSlurpee: See you in ten years, then.