The Most Infamous Pokémon Bootleg

There's Pokémon Crystal, the third game in the second generation of Pokémon games. And then there's Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal, the bootleg version of the game with mistranslations. There's a difference. » 1/28/15 3:00pm 1/28/15 3:00pm

The Pokémon Trading Card Game for the Game Boy Color is making its way to the 3DS eShop... in Europe. The game will arrive on Thursday, and will cost €5. We've contacted Nintendo to ask when (or if) the game will come to the US eShop, and will update you should they reply. (via Kotaku UK, image from GameFAQs) » 7/07/14 5:20am 7/07/14 5:20am

The Vanishing Modem And Other Surprising Game Boy Advance Trivia

Now that we've learned 13 things you might not have known about the original Game Boy, Did You Know Gaming takes us into the next generation of Nintendo handhelds, the Game Boy Advance. Did you know it was supposed to have a modem? » 5/25/14 11:00am 5/25/14 11:00am

This spectacular, Kirby-branded Game Boy Color would have been treasured by any self-respecting gamer of the nineties. The artist behind the custom handheld is French illustrator Oskunk—you can find more photos of his projects over at his blog. » 4/01/14 8:30am 4/01/14 8:30am

Man Finds Old Game Boy Camera, The Spirit of 1998 Trapped Within

When Reddit user 80sArcade found his old Game Boy the other day, it had a Game Boy Camera still attached. Within, 14 photos from 1998. » 12/03/12 11:30pm 12/03/12 11:30pm

This Might be the Weirdest Game Boy Game Ever Made

Over the decades, there were plenty of kooky Game Boy games released in both Japan and the West. Plenty of strange accessories, too, from cameras to printers to blood glucose monitors. But 2001's Mario Family was especially kooky. » 5/11/11 12:00am 5/11/11 12:00am

Turn Your iPhone 4 Into A GameBoy Color

People have been skinning their iPhones to look like retro gaming handhelds ever since the gadget first appeared. This new vinyl will do your iPhone 4 up like a GameBoy Color. Available from Etsy for $6. [Seen via HBG] » 10/21/10 10:30pm 10/21/10 10:30pm

The 3DS Has A Virtual Console For Game Boy Games

Ever wonder why there were no Game Boy games made available on the Wii's Virtual Console? Why, it's because Nintendo was saving that for the upcoming 3DS. » 9/29/10 2:00am 9/29/10 2:00am

At Least The Zune HD Can Play Game Boy Titles

Microsoft's support for the Zune HD as a game playing device has been pretty abysmal. Luckily there are hackers, one of which has the beginnings of a serviceable Game Boy Advance emulator working on the device. » 5/15/10 12:00pm 5/15/10 12:00pm

Nintendo 3DS Is A New Hardware Series

Whether it be the DS Lite or the DSi, Nintendo has released a spate of Nintendo DS hardware spin-offs in the last few years. The Nintendo 3DS is not a spin-off. It's worth pointing out, you know. » 3/23/10 5:00am 3/23/10 5:00am