The Link's Awakening Remake Is A Complete Graphical Overhaul

I thought the original The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening looked great on my Game Boy when I was a kid, but they Game Boy had nothing on the graphical capabilities of the Nintendo Switch. In this side-by-side comparison video showing the Switch and the Game Boy Color versions, you can observe the gorgeous details in the upcoming Link’s Awakening remake.

Houses in the starting area are stuffed with tiny details, like flowers, clay teapots and framed photos of the characters who live in them. Plain brown tables now have wood grain, and dungeon floors are outfitted with subtle stone detailing. The leaves on the trees in the Mysterious Forest reflect the sunlight, and the water in small pools ripples to suggest depth. All in all, Link’s Awakening looks damn good on Switch.


Unfortunately, the main new addition to the game—its “Chamber Dungeons” mode—is a big disappointment. Other than that, Kotaku’s Jason Schreier describes the Switch version of Link’s Awakening as “a beautiful recreation of the Game Boy classic.” Kotaku will have a full review of the game next week.

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Looks awesome. But no way I’m going to pay near $100 for such a remake. Living in Canada, with sale taxes, full price releases are bordering that price (like, $92 or something).

Does the game have enough content to warrant such a price? I mean, Breath of the Wild was worth it, I played it for many, many, many hours, tons of stuff to do and places to explore. This is a remake of a moderately short (for an action RPG anyways) gameboy game. Did they add stuff to it to make it longer and add to the replayability? Or is it mostly just the same game with much better visuals?

In this day and age of remakes being pushed out at around $40-$50, more or less, sometimes for multiple games packages, I find it hard to justify spending $80 + tax on a single gameboy remake, however pretty it is, if they didn’t add tons of stuff to it....