Breath Of The Wild Looks Rad As A Game Boy Color Game

You can already play Breath of the Wild portably on your Nintendo Switch but what if there was another option? A fan-made video transforms the game into a gorgeous Game Boy Color version that will make you eager for a full ROM hack.


The video from Nintendo Wire imagines Breath of the Wild for the Game Boy Color and it is awesome. It really captures Breath of the Wild’s scale and mythic mood while nailing the design elements from Link’s Awakening. Watching Link reenact the game’s open moments in 8-bit form is captivating. Light chiptune remixes of the opening theme and shrine music sound like they were ripped right out of the Game Boy Sound System. It’s worth watching in action:

The video is just a “What If” scenario but it’s an tantalizing prospect to think of. One fan game imagined Breath of the Wild as an NES game before it was eventually shut down by Nintendo. A Game Boy inspired project would likely meet the same fate though, which means we’ll have to imagine what the rest of this version would look like.

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If I could get back the 200+ hours I spent on BotW and play this instead, I would say, “Shut up and take my Rupees!” Especially if the Rusty Sword doesn’t break after swinging it 8 times.

I really hope the next Zelda game is more traditional—or if they must keep the open-style overworld, it at least has a good number of traditional large puzzle dungeons. Having 120 one/two room “dungeons” and a smattering of 6 room dungeons-ala-giant-robot didn’t do it for me.

(In case it wasn’t obvious, BotW wasn’t my thing.)