League Of Legends Official Vinyl Figures Are Stupid Cute

I wasn't sure about this whole League of Legends thing until my pal Lu Bu drew my attention to the 15 big-headed figures making up the initial wave of the game's official vinyl figures. Marvel at their giant adorable heads. » 3/03/15 9:47am 3/03/15 9:47am

Forget Zelda, This 20-Inch Link Figure Is Worthy Of an Epic Hyrule Quest

It turns out the re-release of Majora's Mask for the Nintendo 3DS wasn't the biggest Legend of Zelda news this weekend because JAKKS Pacific has given Toyland an exclusive first look at the latest addition to its Big Figures Line: a 20-inch Link that's so detailed you can even see the texture of the fabric on his… » 2/14/15 8:53am 2/14/15 8:53am

Adventures in Tragic Amiibo Packaging

Nintendo fans are used to a level of quality. A seal of approval, if you will. In the past, "Nintendo" has meant durable hardware and well-made video games. Nintendo means "polished" and "good presentation." Nobody, it seems, has told this to Amiibos. » 12/12/14 6:30am 12/12/14 6:30am

Skyrim Statue Isn't Evil, Just Misunderstood

It's not that Malacath, the patron Daedra of Elder Scrolls' orc race, is a bad guy. He's just into solving problems with violence. And he's watching out for ogres and the ogrim because they're outcasts. That's a good guy thing to do, right? I'm sure those skulls are just there for decoration, nothing else. » 12/12/14 5:00am 12/12/14 5:00am

Up Close And Personal With Nintendo's Amiibo Figures

Because the Skylanders and Disney Infinity figures weren't enough, the toy population of my desk has been increased by a dozen Nintendo icons. Let's meet the Amiibo! » 11/08/14 5:00pm 11/08/14 5:00pm

The Disney Proper Infinity 2.0 Figures Are Here, And They're Lovely

A Figure Buyer's Guide to Otaku Mecca Akihabara

So you've come to Japan and have even made your way to otaku mecca Akihabara. Since you've followed our guide, you already have all the Japanese games you could want! But that's not enough to satiate you: You want anime and game figures as well—but have no idea where to look. Don't worry. We're here to help. » 11/04/14 6:00am 11/04/14 6:00am

Gaming Heads has announced the follow-up to their Jak and Daxter figurine from last year. The new figure, which is based on the Jak II version of Jak and Daxter, is priced at $210, and limited to 850 pieces. For an extra $10, you can also grab the exclusive version, which is "painted in a special bronze finish." » 7/11/14 4:20am 7/11/14 4:20am

Surly Link Is A Terrific Video Game Figure

While Figma can try and do a "realistic" Link figure, the more cartoonish Nendoroid line is free to do something a little cuter. Yet also angrier. » 4/13/14 10:00pm 4/13/14 10:00pm

Let's Overdose on Plastic Collectibles

Last weekend, the twice yearly Wonder Festival got underway in Chiba, outside Tokyo. There were tons of figurines and statues! You love those, right? » 2/11/14 4:30am 2/11/14 4:30am

Attack On Titan Figure Costs $1200, Still Sells Out

Would you pay $1200 for an action figure? Probably not, but enough people felt that was a sound investment to cause this Attack on Titan figure to sell out. » 12/27/13 5:00am 12/27/13 5:00am

The North American Tales of Symphonia Chronicles $100 Collector's Edition for the PS3 is epic. If four Chibi Kyun Chara figures, a novel detailing what happened between Tales of Symphonia and Dawn of the New World, a multi-disc soundtrack and special collector's packaging isn't enough to get you to re-buy two games… » 10/14/13 2:30pm 10/14/13 2:30pm

Porno Actress Gets a Terrible Plastic Figurine

Adult film actress Akiho Yoshizawa got a special, limited edition figurine. Priced at around $300, it can be summed up best in one word: awful. » 9/18/13 7:30am 9/18/13 7:30am