South Korean toy company Blitzway has created the perfect accessory for its line of 12-inch premium original Ghostbusters figures. The sixth-scale Ecto-1 replica is over 40 inches long, more than big enough to fit all four figures and accessories. Also, it costs nearly $1,400 dollars.

Now before we go on and on about how expensive this is for a glorified toy, keep in mind that $1,390 is only the manufacturerā€™s suggested retail price. Itā€™s up to individual retailers to set the exact number. For example, while Sideshow is sticking to the MSRP, Big Bad Toy Store has the Ecto-1 available for pre-order at $1,599. Considering the figures sell for $275 apiece, thatā€™s proportional, I guess.

Mind you, these figures are insane.

The Ecto-1 sports the same loving attention to detail as the figure line, which is pretty damn impressive to start with. Itā€™s got 45 working LEDs, a rotating siren and a sound system for playing the iconic siren (as well as cutom audio via USB). Itā€™s a beautiful thing.


And itā€™s a $1,390 to $1,600 thing. Fortunately the sixth-scale Ecto-1 isnā€™t slated to ship until early 2019, so thereā€™s plenty of time to save up.