Company Is Sorry For Making Crappy Figures

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Image: 1st Place
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IA and ONE are popular Vocaloid singing voice synthesizer characters in Japan. To celebrate their birthdays, a pair of new figures have gone on sale in Japan. They’re relatively expensive and, well, apparently not very good. 


Each figure is priced at around 35,000 yen ($327). Above is concept art, and below is what fans are receiving, which look very, very different—like bad, 3D print jobs.

Yikes! The figures are so bad that the company that released them, 1st Place, issued an official apology, writing that it was ensure something like this never happened again, adding that it will strive for quality products. The company is also offering a full refund. 

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Looks like they got sent the $20 version that pops up on Ebay that you buy when you can’t afford the real one. The version you purchase full well knowing it’s a bootleg, likely made with the same production mold as the original but with cheaper materials and labor effort. Perhaps a mixup at the production factory?