The second wave of Pokémon Gallery figures have hit The Pokemon Company’s online store, giving Psyduck, Cubone, Jigglypuff and Vulpix a chance to show off their signature moves in style.

The Pokémon Gallery figure line launched back in February as part of the celebration of the game’s 25th anniversary. The idea is to portray Pokémon as they appear in the middle of the moves most often associated with the character. Pikachu gets Thundershock, Magikarp does Splash, that sort of thing.

Each figure in the series runs $16.99 and is sold exclusively through the Pokémon Center online store. They come in lovely boxes, but to truly appreciate them you’ve got to shed that cardboard and plastic shell. Be sure to right click on the images and expand them for a better look.

First up is Vulpix, captured here in mid Fire Spin. The designers opted to give this figure a clear base, which, along with the translucent orange plastic, grants the illusion of a whirling flame tornado, destroying any grass-type it touches.

Next we have one of the most depressing Pokémon of them all, Cubone. Cubone is using its Bone Club move to smash rocks in a desperate but ultimately futile attempt to curb the pain of its mother’s death. You can’t escape it, Cubone. Not while wearing her skull.

Jigglypuff here is a real showcase of the creativity that goes into the line. How does one depict a pink ball with cat ears performing a move called “Sing?” Why, by perching the figure atop a pair of translucent musical notes and painting some more on a swirl of clear plastic.

And then there’s Psyduck. Whatever, Psyduck.

Go away, Psyduck.

Okay fine, you’re pretty cool too. The plastic of Psyduck’s body is ever-so-slightly shiny, leading to a bit of a halo effect in some of these photos and an unnerving glow in real life. One of Pokémon’s greatest monsters.


Not only do the Gallery figures look great alone, they also go pretty well together.

The latest wave of Pokémon Gallery figures is now available for purchase at the Pokémon Center.