If You Love Final Fantasy X-2, You’ll Love Lightning Returns

When people ask me what Lightning Returns is like, I always respond that it's a lot like Final Fantasy X-2. A lot of people seem to take this as an insult to Lightning Returns. It's not. While I feel like I am in the minority, I loved FFX-2 and much of what made it so fun to play is also present in Lightning Returns. »12/06/13 7:00am12/06/13 7:00am

Okay. Yes. I'm Cautiously Excited For Lightning Returns: FFXIII.

Square Enix has a lot of work to do. With Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII—the third game in what has become the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy—the folks at Square not only have to conclude Lightning's story in a satisfactory way, they have to figure out how to appeal to RPG fans who were turned off by the melodrama… »6/21/13 3:00pm6/21/13 3:00pm