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In today's Speak-Up on Kotaku, commenter Konaa finishes Final Fantasy XIII "mostly" enjoys it, except for that damn Leona Lewis song.


So like, I just finished FF13 and mostly enjoyed it... Mostly. The ending cut scene, however, felt very underwhelming. It just seemed like the writers were checking off aspects that they needed in an ending, and trying to get through them systematically.

Another issue was with My Hands. I didn't like the song to begin with, it sounded like music for soccer moms. My main issue though is that it didn't really fit the game's aesthetic at all. I don't care that the Japanese track was taken out, it would have just been better if they got something that would fit the game's aesthetic. FF8 and FF9 both had their own special English tracks written for the game. They worked well too. Why can't this game, in development for five years, costing millions of dollars have its own track?

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