Final Fantasy XIII Comes To iPhone As... An Artbook

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Square Enix is no stranger to iPhone apps, but the Final Fantasy maker is doing something interesting for the recently released Final Fantasy XIII, turning your iPhone or iPod Touch into a digital artbook.


The Final Fantasy XIII Larger-Than-Life Gallery, released today on the iTunes App Store, packs in a library of hi-res artwork from the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game, a chance to zoom in on crystal clear images of Lightning, Snow or those adorable little Chocobos. Square Enix says the collection of FFXIII art isn't available in game or on the web site, but much of it looks familiar.

At $8.99 USD, it's more than a little ridiculously priced for a bunch of pretty pictures—we're not sure how many you get, but early adopters are clamoring for more images—but maybe the addition of a clock and calendar will make the investment worth it. If not, off to Google Image Search with you!


While it may not be the ideal companion for the recently released Final Fantasy XIII, it may be a step in the right direction. More artbooks, more strategy guides, more complementary apps for video games on the iPhone (and eventually the iPad) would be greeted with open arms at Kotaku.

Final Fantasy XIII Larger-Than-Life Gallery [iTunes]

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I never understood the appeal of artbooks for video games. Seems like a more popular trend among Japanese games.