Final Fantasy XIII PlayStation Home Items Come To North America

Let your Final Fantasy fanhood ring across the hallowed halls and cubbyholes of PlayStation Home today, as Final Fantasy XIII avatar items, costumes, and spaces make their way to North America.

You might recall the gear that made its way to the Japanese version of PlayStation Home last year. The costumes transforming avatars into generic versions of game heroes Vanille, Snow, Lightning, and Sahz, along with a nifty apartment and a bunch of decorative pieces finally make their way to North America.


Sure, it's been nearly a month and a half since the game was released here, and four months since the items were released in Japan, but localization takes time.

Okay, probably not. It doesn't matter, these items are timeless.

Also likely untrue. Either way, it's a good day to log into PlayStation Home, throw away some money, walk around looking cool, and then leave again, returning when the next batch of neat stuff comes out.

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