The Sherlock Manga Is Coming to America, and Here's Your First Look

Last month, Titan Comics announced it would be bringing the delightfully weird manga adaptation of the BBC’s smash hit Sherlock to the west for the very first time, four years after it debuted in Japan. Want a peek? io9 has a first look at the translation, as well as the variant covers for the manga’s first issue.

Ravenloft Returns in the New Dungeons & Dragons Module Curse of Strahd

The name “Strahd” is seared into the minds of any Dungeons & Dragons player. It means vampires, it means gothic horror, and it means the iconic Castle Ravenloft. Today, Wizards of the Coast has revealed a return to the classic setting, and io9 has an exclusive look at one of the modules new storytelling mechanics.

First Look At Axanar, The Star Trek War Movie We've Waited Decades For

Star Trek fans have been curious for years about the Battle of Axanar, the decisive turning point in the war against the Klingon Empire. And now, a new unofficial movie will show what really happened at Axanar, and how Captain Garth triumphed. Here’s your first image from Star Trek: Axanar, exclusively at io9!

How The Wachowskis Tried To Shoot "The Most Beautiful Chase Ever Filmed"

Co-directors Andy and Lana Wachowski only had six minutes every day to shoot a single giant chase scene for their space opera Jupiter Ascending. Why could they only film the chase at one time of day? They explain in our exclusive interview. Plus they tell io9 why they're so obsessed with telling stories about "The…


Why Bran And Arya No Longer Want To Be Rescued On Game Of Thrones

Season four of Game of Thrones contained some major departures from the books — and some of them underscored just how much Bran and Arya Stark no longer want or expect to be rescued. We caught up with Isaac Hempstead-Wright and Maisie Williams at Comic-Con, and they told us why things are only going to get murkier.