The Incredible Hulk figure for Disney Infinity 2.o will not be available at launch, except to those who spend $179.99 on this lovely PlayStation exclusive collector's edition. Rage....building.

Available this fall for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, the collector's edition of Disney Infinity 2.0 comes with the game, the Avengers playset, six figures, including the timed exclusive Hulk, and a massive light-up diorama featuring the frost beast as designed for the game. The diorama is quite lovely, and even includes a spot for a seventh unannounced figure, probably Ant Man.


Isn't that lovely? I kinda want to put my mouth on it. I bet it taste like Sony.

Along with the exclusive collector's edition, this fall will also see the release of a $249.99 12GB PlayStation 3 Disney Infinity 2.0 bundle, which just comes with the cheapy starter set.

You can read all about these fantastic values over at the PlayStation Blog. Hurry, before Banner finds out.

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