It’s May 1, which means the mythical 20th anniversary Pokémon celebration says goodbye to Jirachi and hello to Darkrai. But to get a level 100 version of the dark creature you’re going to have to head to a dark place: GameStop.

After few months of Toys’R’Us exclusive plushies and figures and mythical Pokémon easily accessible over the internet we return to GameStop, were February’s Mew lurked. And while the seemingly football-themed Darkrai plush and its tiny plastic friend should be available for purchase over the internet shortly, to get Darkrai in your copy of Pokémon Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, X or Y, you’ve got to go into a store and snag a code.


That’s much more effort than just opening up your 3DS, but Darkrai is worth it. Look at how happy it is. How much it wants to be your friend. He’s so enthusiastic.

Darkrai codes should be available today through May 24, after which we’ll be heading back home to get Manaphy.

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