Stadia Exclusivity Will Keep Serious Sam 4 Off PS4 And Xbox Until 2021

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Serious Sam 4 is coming to PC and Stadia in August 2020. Yes, you read that right… Stadia. While previous previews of the game indicated it would also appear on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Google’s cloud gaming service will get Serious Sam 4 long before any traditional consoles.

“The game is still coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 after its period of exclusivity is over with Stadia,” a rep for publisher Devolver Digital told Kotaku over email, adding that those consoles won’t receive Serious Sam 4 until 2021 after further inquiry.

Serious Sam 4, developed by the Croatia-based Croteam, is the series’ first mainline game since 2011. In series of short preview videos released alongside today’s announcement, the developers show off what players can expect from the combat, enemies, weapons, music, and the new Legion system, which is said to support “hundreds of thousands” of enemies on-screen.


Steam is currently offering huge discounts on previous Serious Sam games to celebrate the news.

Staff Writer, Kotaku

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Like Stadia’s going to exist until 2021.