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The Final Volume Of Blizzard’s World of Warcraft Chronicle Gets To The Good Stuff

Illustration for article titled The Final Volume Of Blizzard’s iWorld of Warcraft Chronicle/i Gets To The Good Stuffem/em

The third and final volume in Blizzard’s exhaustive history of Azeroth comes out on March 27. Dark Horse Books slipped us a few pages from World of Warcraft Chronicle Volume 3 to give us an idea of what to expect.


The first volume dealt with the formation of the universe and the rise of ancient races. The second spent a lot of time on the other side of the Dark Portal, futzing about with orcs, draenei and demons. Volume 3 gets us to the good stuff—the Lich King, the Black Temple, the fall of Cenarius. These are my favorite bits, and you can see how World of Warcraft Chronicle Volume 3 presents them in the slideshow below (click to go fullscreen).


World of Warcraft Chronicle Volume 3 hits stores on March 27. It costs $40, but not really.

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The Ahn’Qiraj scene is missing the whole thing crashing because the servers were shit.