"[Virtual Reality] is a technology that I think will completely change the world.

"[Virtual Reality] is a technology that I think will completely change the world. I think it's going to be a bigger phenomenon than smartphones." Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney to Polygon, in an interview about the future of VR, the Unreal Engine, and game development in general. Read it in its entirety here. »4/02/14 6:00am4/02/14 6:00am

Hacker SuperDaE Releases 1.7TB Trove of Gaming Info [Update]

Next gen hacker SuperDaeE, who breached Sony, Microsoft, Epic, Valve, Blizzard and other gaming companies, just released a 1.7TB treasure trove FTP download. The files, however, are apparently encrypted. Previously, SuperDaE vowed he would release said files, which are believed to contain sensitive information about… »6/10/13 11:00am6/10/13 11:00am

Here's Gears of War's Top Designer Going Bald for a Good Cause

I may be bald, but Cliff Bleszinski is both unemployed and bald. But I wouldn't worry about the former lead designer of the Gears of War series. He's been doing alright for himself since leaving Epic Games, and this weekend he pulled in enough dough—$15,000, the highest contributor in this fundraiser—to make good on … »4/14/13 7:00pm4/14/13 7:00pm

'Warzone' Multiplayer is on Gears of War: Judgment Disc Thanks to Stray Code

Earlier this week Gears fans figured out how to trigger Warzone—it has to be done from a private Team Deathmatch, while hitting the A and B buttons simultaneously in the match's parameters menu. Warzone's exclusion and mysterious reappearance led to rumors the mode was going to be included later as paid DLC, but an… »3/30/13 3:30pm3/30/13 3:30pm