Battlefield Players Keep Finding Weird Mysteries, Including A Yeti

Forget shooting. One of the most interesting aspects of Battlefield—aside from the incredible large scale moments you can experience while playing—are all the curious easter eggs and alternate reality games that players keep finding. » 3/27/14 4:30pm 3/27/14 4:30pm

The Battlefield 3 Easter Egg Nobody Has Found

Between the spaceships and dinosaurs, you'd think Battlefield players have found everything hidden in Battlefield 3 by now, right? I mean, Battlefield 3 has only been out for almost two years now. Still, there's one easter egg which nobody has found in-game (or, if they have, it hasn't been documented yet). » 7/16/13 5:00pm 7/16/13 5:00pm

Just Like That, The Last of Us' Hidden Phone-Sex Numbers Are No More

Shortly after The Last of Us came out, we discovered something pretty funny. On a bulletin board in Pittsburgh hung a sign with two phone numbers for "Pest Control." But if you called those numbers in the real world, you got phone-sex hotlines. » 7/01/13 2:00pm 7/01/13 2:00pm

A Collection of South Park Easter Eggs Over The Years

South Park is a popular show, and video games love easter eggs. So it shouldn't be surprising that a number of games over the years have given nods to Trey Parker and Matt Stone's edgy show. If you're curious as to what those easter eggs are, well, DYKGaming took the liberty of compiling many of them into one video. » 6/26/13 10:00pm 6/26/13 10:00pm

You Can Play Atari Breakout on Google Image Search and It's Awesome

Google is famous for the Easter eggs stashed in its products. What seems an ordinary interface reveals itself to be something else entirely with the right set of keystrokes. This newly discovered gem might be one of the most entertaining we've ever seen. Head over to Google Image Search and punch in a query for "atari… » 5/13/13 7:37pm 5/13/13 7:37pm